My bad
I promised something and it just didn't work out. I'm so angry at myself and btw. I wrote it, but for sure there are mistake.

Something wrong happpend again

There's no chance that I gusses

Cuz I don't care 'bout it now

If only someone eles would take my hand

I wouldn't try another lie

But I'm just aware that it is how have to be my life

Mabye I missed something that could change who I'm

I should forget my past and find out new way

But I feel that nothing left and last hope is dead

And my tears still are shed

I am so sorry for myself

My heart never was really broken

And right now it the wrost thing for me

Cuz I just wanna feel some love

They said loliness is killing but

I don't know anything other so usually I'm fine

But there's some moments when I'm feel down

Start or not?
I have a account for about 4 years and finally I can write something. I'm not sure if it will work out because I'm not a kind of person who feel good writing in other language. You know, I understand very well but I didn't write or speak too often. I hope that in the future will be better with that. I'm 19 and I've ended High School. I'm just polish girl who is hoping to get to some University.I have to tell that I love Japan, and my favorite band is KAT-TUN I think that they all are wonderful, but my heart was stolen by RobaMaru/MaruDa they are so cute together. My goal is to write here sometimes but I'm not sure how it will be in the reality.


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