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My bad
I promised something and it just didn't work out. I'm so angry at myself and btw. I wrote it, but for sure there are mistake.

Something wrong happpend again

There's no chance that I gusses

Cuz I don't care 'bout it now

If only someone eles would take my hand

I wouldn't try another lie

But I'm just aware that it is how have to be my life

Mabye I missed something that could change who I'm

I should forget my past and find out new way

But I feel that nothing left and last hope is dead

And my tears still are shed

I am so sorry for myself

My heart never was really broken

And right now it the wrost thing for me

Cuz I just wanna feel some love

They said loliness is killing but

I don't know anything other so usually I'm fine

But there's some moments when I'm feel down


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